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Like you, we're committed to the health of our oceans! When you purchase a pair of our awesome sandals or really cool headwear or apparel, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to support our hosted beach cleanups.  Buy a pair of sandals and pull over 5 lbs. of trash and plastic from our beaches and oceans.  Care with a pair!

At Ocean Minded, we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk.  In addition to our regular company sponsored beach cleanup events, we support like minded organizations that promote responsible practices and take direct and effective action to  reverse the impacts to our oceans, reefs and beaches from the thoughtless and wasteful actions of past generations.  By acting locally and thinking globally we can preserve our oceans and planet for all future generations.  Periodically, from time to time, as part of our commitment to our ocean environment, we select worthy organizations to support.  

Past Beneficiaries:

Our featured beneficiary for the month of April 2018 is Sea Turtle, Inc. in South Padre Island, TX.


Sea Turtle, Inc. (S. Padre Island, TX)

We're donating a portion of our proceeds from sales during the month of April 2018 to Sea Turtle, Inc. in South Padre Island, TX.  They're doing some amazing things.  Not only do they run a sea turtle rescue hospital, but they're also dedicated to carrying the message of sustainability and the need for clean beaches and oceans. Watch and find out more. 

Sea Turtle, Inc. is Ocean Minded!






To see who's up next for the Ocean Minded tag, check back regularly. To suggest an organization to be benefited in the future send an email to.

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